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How to travel ethically

Well, I have been traveling for a couple of months in South America and although the issue of ethical travel is always on my mind, the prevelant poverty in Bolivia has made me think harder about this. It`s hard to see poverty all the time and feel like you`re taking a tour around it. You want to give to people but apparently you`re not supposed to cause then it supports begging and encourages families to send children out to work. I haven`t got time to volunteer cause this is `my extended holiday`but Bolivia is sooooo beautiful, so, so beautiful. God, I sound like I am whinging and really, I`m not. I am trying to recognise the issue of ethical travel and not to just go to a country, use it for pleasure and leave without at least doing something to ease my conscience if nothing else! It`s a dilemma alright, a real dilemma.

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